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Our Team

Sung Kang, Executive Sales Leader

Licensed Insurance Agent

Sung Kang with Sung Kang Insurance Agency, Licensed Insurance Agent. Sung Kang is dedicated to using a consultative approach and treats his clients as if he were talking to his mother or father. Sung was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma in a family business that just celebrated its 50th Year Anniversary making it one of the oldest martial arts schools in the country. Kang’s TaeKwon-Do in Tulsa has taught multiple generations of families the true meaning of Traditional TaeKwon-Do since 1972.

Sung is an Oklahoma State / US National Champion and a Silver Medalist at the 1989 US Olympic Festival in Oklahoma City. He also trained as a resident athlete at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs for two years and trained alongside world-class athletes. When he moved back to Tulsa, he opened his own TaeKwon-Do School and it was during that time that he influenced generations of students to become a better version of themselves through the development of the mind, body and spirit.

Today, Sung Kang is an Executive Sales Leader at HealthMarkets in Oklahoma City and leads a team of 60 agents at his agency known as the OKC HealthMarkets Group. He is also a licensed insurance agent and primarily focuses on helping retirees transition into Medicare.

In an industry where there are lots of scams, Sung’s primary goal is to help defend seniors against predatory practices and unscrupulous marketing activity. Sung believes that seniors need the most attention to their healthcare and if not done correctly, a Medicare beneficiary can end up losing their life savings because an agent was more interested in his own pocket book over the clients needs. This is a huge problem in any sales industry, and Sung believes if agents would act more like a trusted advisor and treat people like they were talking to their brother, sister, mother or father, they would actually make more money because they would keep a client for life just by doing the right thing. Moreover, those clients would be more apt to refer more business to that agent because they took the time to understand the clients needs and had the integrity to put the proper products in place.

Over the last five years, his business has developed into a successful practice, and now has a vision to help agents under his leadership experience the same financial success that he did. Sung brings the same values that he learned in the martial arts school into his agency and trains his agents to put integrity before anything else. The agency features a “family-like” environment which is how he believes everyone should be treated.

Sung Kang Insurance Agency Grand Opening.