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Life Insurance

What is a Life Insurance Policy?

Men and women thinking about their families and need for a Life Insurance Policy. This type of policy provides your family with financial security in the event of your unexpected passing.  It allows your beneficiaries to receive money during a difficult time and use it as needed.

When to get Life Insurance Coverage?

Most people get coverage during or after a major life event, such as their wedding, birth of a child, or the purchase of a new home.  The real answer is as soon as you can afford it.  It helps keep your premiums down the younger you purchase your policy.

Looking for a Life Insurance Policy?

Have you been searching for quotes from life insurance companies?  We can help.  We offer policies through carriers such as Mutual of Omaha, Chesapeake, Transamerica, Securian, Ethos, Great Western – Wellabe, Aetna Final Expense, and others.

While our goal is to help you find coverage that meets the needs of you and your family without breaking the budget.  We understand your goal is to take care of your family’s ongoing expenses if something happens to you.

Purchasing a policy is straightforward and we make it even easier by giving you all the information you need to decide what policy is best for you. So, your family has a financial plan and the resources it needs if the unexpected happens.

Why Do I Need Life Insurance Now?

Family of four needing life insurance spend some time close together while outside. The Mother and Father each have an elementary school aged daughter on their back and they are smiling and enjoying a walk in the fresh air. The longer you put off buying life insurance, the more you risk paying significantly higher rates. If an accident or illness hits before you purchase a policy, what was an affordable plan can become financially out of reach. We offer many different life insurance options and will help you determine which best suits you and your family’s needs.

The earlier you invest in life insurance the lower your premium payments will be so don’t wait to get your life insurance policy. Don’t waste your time calling all the different life insurance companies when you can call us and get multiple quotes.

Insurance Policies We Offer

Term Life Insurance

I can assist you in securing a term life policy that can help provide for your family’s loss of income if you die. This policy could help pay off a mortgage or fund a college education.

Whole Life Insurance

This type of policy has a cash value component which provides access to a guaranteed cash value account, you want a whole life policy. You’ll also get guaranteed level premiums and protection for as long as you live.

Universal Life Insurance

If you’re looking for the flexibility to customize your coverage and premiums, I can help provide you with a policy that lasts a lifetime.

Final Expense Insurance

Gain peace of mind with an affordable way for your family to pay your funeral costs and other final expenses or outstanding debts.

Need Help Deciding about Life Insurance

Thoughtful businesswoman wearing shirt is holding head with her hands. Sketch with lots of question marks on chalkboard in the background. Concept of searching for solution to buying life insurance. Each type of life insurance policy has pros and cons.  Don’t waste your time calling different life insurance companies when you can call us and get multiple quotes.

We are here to be a valuable resource for you and determine which policy best suits your family and your budget.


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See how easy it is to lock in your rates for Life Insurance now and help ensure the lowest premiums.